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  • Clothes in Spanish

    The present page is divided into two parts:

    • clothes in Spanish vocab
    • sentences to talk about clothing

    Let's get down to fashion!

    How to say clothes in Spanish - vocab

    Learn the Spanish nouns with the definite articles, because they play an important role in the language!

    Spanish English
    el traje suit
    el sostén bra
    la blusa blouse
    las gafas glasses
    la camiseta T-shirt
    la camisa shirt
    la corbata tie
    los pantalones trousers
    el gorro  hat
    la chaqueta jacket
    los vaqueros jeans
    el vestido dress
    la ropa clothes
    el abrigo coat
    la marca brand
    la moda fashion
    la camiseta de tirantes top
    la falda skirt
    el zapato shoe
    los calcetines socks
    el paño cloth
    la ropa interior underwear
    la chaqueta de invierno winter jacket


    Words to talk about clothing in Spanish

    Remember that the question and the exclamation marks in written Spanish are always double: ¿...?, ¡...!

    Spanish English
    ¿Dónde compraste la blusa? Where did you buy the blouse?
    ¿Dónde compraste esta camiseta? Where did you buy this T-shirt?
    ¡Te queda bien! It fits you well!


    Now you can practise what you've learnt through the exercises, audio and microphones.


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