• Bulgarian language course for beginners
  • 1 The Bulgarian alphabet - Cyrillic letters [0/2]
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  • 3 Learn the Bulgarian pronunciation
  • 4 Greetings and how to say Hello in Bulgarian [0/2]
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  • Greetings and how to say Hello in Bulgarian


    1. Complete the sentences Score -/-
    2. Recognize and complete the Bulgarian celebration greetings Score -/-

    Do you wonder how to say Hello in Bulgarian? Here is the answer

    In the Bulgarian language there are a lot of ways to greet someone, but the most commonly used one is "Здравей!" which means "Hello". Here you will learn how to say "Hello" and how to write "Hello" in Bulgarian language. 

    enlightened"Здравей" is a word with two syllables: Здра - вей. The root of the word is "здрав" which means "healthy".

    It is used in non formal sitiations and between friends. If you want to learn other Bulgarian phrases and greeting, read further.

    Greetings and other useful phrases

    In the table below you will read some useful and often used phrases in the everyday communication between people.

    Bulgarian Transcription English
    Здравей!  Zdravei!  Hello!
    Добро утро!  Dobro utro!  Good morning!
    Добър ден!  Dobar den!  Good day!
    Добър вечер!  Dobar vecher!  Good evening!
    Как си?  Kak si?  How are you?
    Как я караш?  Kak ya karash?  How is your life?
    Какво става с теб, човече?  Kakvo stava s teb, choveche?  What is going on with you, man?
    Колко време не сме се виждали?  Kolko vreme ne sme se vidali? How long we haven't seen each other?
    Много се радвам да те видя!  Mnogo se radvam da te vidya! I am happy to see you!
    Леле, колко си се променил?  Lele, kolko si se promenil! Ahh, you have changed a lot!


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    On a Birthday party

    Bulgarian   English  
    алкохол  alcohol
    всички  everybody
    сам  alone
    покана  invitation
    храна  food
    празненство  celebration
    приятели  friends
    приятелка  girlfriend
    приятел  boyfriend
    подарък  gift
    грил  grill
    Каня всичките си приятели  I invite all of my friends.
    идея  idea
    торта  cake
    музика  music
    парти  party
    забава  fun
    игра  play
    танц  dance
    кой ще донсесе нещо за ядене?  Who brings something to eat?
    Кой ще донесе нещо за пиене?  Who brings something to drink?
    Кой ще купи подарък?  Who is going to buy the present?
    Честит рожден ден!  Happy Birthday!
    Всичко най-хубаво  All the best!
    Всичко най-хубаво на рождения ти ден!  All the best for your birthday!
    Пожелавам ти всичко най-хубаво!  I wish you all the very best!
    Поздравления!  Congratulations!
    Кой ще дойде довечера?  Who is coming tonight?


    Bulgarian Easter greetings

    Here is how people greet each other in Bulgaria during Easter.

    Bulgarian Transcription English
     Христос Воскресе!  Hristos voskrese!  Christ has risen!
     Воистина Воскресе!  Voistina voskerese!  He has risen for real!
     Много здраве и късмет в семейството!  Mnogo zdrave i kusmet v semeistvoto!  Health and luck in the family!
     Хайде да се чукме с яйца!  Haide da se chukame s yaica?  Let's fight with eggs!
     У кого е бияча?  U kogo e biyacha?  Who has the winner egg?


    Bulgarian Christmas greetings

    Here is how people in Bulgaria celebrate Christmas.

    Bulgarian Transcription English
     Весела Коледа!  Vesela Koleda!  Merry Chritmas!
     Щастлива Коледа!  Shtastliva Koleda!  Happy Christmas!
     Много плодотворна година!  Mnogo plodotvorna godina!  Have a fruitful year!
     Честита нова година!  Chestita nova godina!  Happy New Year!
     Пожелавам ти всичко най-хубаво за новата година!  Pojelavam ti vsichko naj-hubavo za novata godina!  I wish you all the best in the new year!


    Read the following dialogue:

    Мария: Здравей, Иван. Как спа? (Hello, Ivan! How did you sleep?)

    - Иван: Добро утро, Мария! Спах като къпано бебе! Как си? Как я караш? (Good morning, Maria! I slept as a baby! How is your life?)

    - Мария: Добре съм. Работя и уча английски. Какво става с тебе, човече? Колко време не сме се виждали? (I am good. I work and study English. What's going on with you, man? How long we haven't seen each other?)

    - Иван: Да, мина време. Май има една година. (Yes, time has passed. I think it has been a year)

    - Мария: Много си се променил! (You have changed a lot!)

    Greeting in Bulgarian language





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