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25 lessons - 48 exercises
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Teach yourself Bulgarian 

You have a desire to learn Bulgarian, but you don't know from where to start? This is why we created this free online course for beginners. Here you will find everything you need to start learning Bulgarian language - from the Bulgarian alphabet to more difficult sentences and useful phrases. In the beginning it may be difficult, but in the end it will be worth it.

Bulgarian for beginners: students, adults, immigrants

This free online course is suitable for anyone starting to study Bulgarian from the beginning. You could be a student, a grown up, an immigrant, or simply, you have fallen in love and you want to connect with your lover on his native language. Don't worry! In the end of this course you will be able to lead basic conversations and express your thoughts and feelings. You will be able to find a job or enroll in the university.

Bulgarian lessons for beginners: mix of grammar, vocabulary and exercises

In every lesson you will learn a little bit of everything - grammar, new vocabulary, exercises. Every topic starts with a short theory lesson, a couple of example sentences and finishes up with useful and free exercises.  You will train your reading and writing skills; in every lesson there will be a video lesson, so you can practice your listening and pronunciation. This course is designed to help you on every level of your journey learning Bulgarian language.

Learn to read and understand, listen and understand, and talk in Bulgarian on Skype!

Don't miss your chance to learn Bulgarian with a teacher, who is a native speaker. It is easy and time saving - you only need your computer and Skype. You can practice and improve your communicative skills, train you speaking and receive even greater learning experience. You will be in the hands of some of the best teachers. Only schedule a lesson according to your free time and in the comfort of your own home.

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1 The Bulgarian alphabet - Cyrillic letters Lets learn together the Bulgarian alphabet!
2 The Bulgarian keyboard - how to type Cyrillic letters Let´s learn how to type the Cyrillic letters!
3 Learn the Bulgarian pronunciation Let's learn the Bulgarian pronunciation together!
4 Greetings and how to say Hello in Bulgarian Learn to say Hello in Bulgarian and other useful phrases
5 Say "Nice to meet you" in Bulgarian Let's learn how to introduce yourself in Bulgarian!
6 Learn the Bulgarian numbers Let´s learn together the Bulgarian numbers
7 Telling the time in Bulgarian / reading the clock Learn to say what is the time in Bulgarian!
8 Days of the week, seasons and months in Bulgarian Let's learn the days of the week, the months and the seasons in Bulgarian!
9 Ask for directions in Bulgarian Let's learn how to ask for the directions in Bulgarian!
10 Weather and seasons in Bulgarian Let's learn how to talk about the weather and the seasons in Bulgarian!
11 Learn to say I love you in Bulgarian A very romantic lesson everyone should know
12 Learn the colors in Bulgarian let´s learn together the colors in Bulgarian
13 Expressing needs and opinions in Bulgarian Learn useful phrases in Bulgarian to express your opinion!
14 Bulgarian food and drinks Learn vocabulary about food and drinks in Bulgaria. Handle conversations in the restaurant.
15 Travel and transportation in Bulgarian Lets learn useful words for travelling and places in Bulgarian!
16 At the post office in Bulgarian Learn useful words and phrases about the post office.
17 At the doctors vocabulary in Bulgarian Useful phrases to go to the doctor in Bulgarian!
18 Personal description and emotions in Bulgarian Lets learn how to describe people in Bulgarian language!
19 Parts of the body in Bulgarian Let's learn together the parts of the body in Bulgarian
20 Household items in Bulgarian Learn words related to your home and house
21 The family in Bulgarian Let's learn together the family members in Bulgarian1
22 The animals and the nature in Bulgarian Lets learn the animals and the nature in Bulgarian!
23 Classroom vocabulary in Bulgarian Learn useful words and phrases regarding the school!
24 Work related vocabulary in Bulgarian Learn words and phrases related to work
25 Countries and nationalities in Bulgarian Let's learn together the countries and nationalities in Bulgarian!