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  • Weather and seasons in Bulgarian


    1. Fill in the missing word in Bulgarian - exercise Score -/-
    2. Connect the words - exercise Score -/-

    You wonder what will be the weather tomorrow in Bulgaria? Do you want to describe the weather and to understand the forecast? Don't worry about it! You will be able to after you study this lesson.

    How to ask about the weather in Bulgaria?

    Some of the most used and common questions related to the weather. They will help you to talk with Bulgarians about the weather and discuss the forecast.weather in Bulgarian

    Bulgarian       Transcription        English  

     Какво е времето днес?  

     Kakvo e vremeto dnes?      What is the weather today?    
     Какво ще е времето утре?   Kakvo 6te e vremeto utre?      What is the weather tomorrow?           
     Каква е температурата?  Kakva e temperaturata?  What is the temperature?
     Горещо ли е?  Goreshto li e?  Is it hot?
     Студено ли е?  Studeno li e?  Is it cold?
     Вали ли?  Vali li?  Is it raining?
     Слънчево ли е?  Slunchevo li e?  Is is sunny?


    Weather conditions in Bulgarian

    These are really important and yet simple to learn words. We use them very often during the day, when we plan a vacation or we want to go for a walk in the park.

    Bulgarian      Transcription     English    
     слънце  slunce  sun
     дъжд  duzhd  rain
     дъга  duga  rainbow
     облак  oblak  cloud
     светкавица  svetkavitza  flash
     гръмотевица   grymotevitza   thunder
     мъгла  mugla  fog
     буря  burya  storm
     вятър  vyatur  wind  
     небе  nebe  sky
     луна  luna     moon
     звезда  zvezda  star


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    More useful phrases regarding the weather

    With these phrases you can describe the weather. 

          Bulgarian           Transcription        English      
     Студено е.  Studeno e.  It is cold.
     Горещо е.  Goreshto e.  It is hot.
     Ветровито е.  Vetrovito e.  It is windy.
     Облачно е.  Oblachno e.  It is cloudy.
     Слънчево е.  Slunchevo e.  It is sunny.
     Дъждовно е.  Duzhdvno e.  It is raining.
     Вали сняг.  Vali snyag.  It is snowing.
     Много е студено.   Mnogo e studeno.  It is freezing.
     Потя се.  Potya se.  I am sweating.


    The seasons

    Which season is your favourite one? Learn it´s name with the help of this picture.

    bulgarian seasons


    Example dialogue:


    Иван: Днес е студено. Нека да си останем вкъщи. Утре ще е доста горещо и може да отидем в парка.

    Мария: Даа, на пролет винаги е така - ту е топло , ту е студено.

    Иван: Да, днес има облаци, дъжд и вятър, а утре ще е слънчево и горещо.

    Мария: Да, днес темепратурата е само 15 градуса, а утре ще бъде 27 градуса.



    Ivan: Today is cold. Let's stay at home. Tomorrow will be quite hot and we can go to the park.

    Maria: Yes, during the spring is like that - first it is hot, then it is cold.

    Ivan: Yes, today there are clouds, rain and wind; tomorrow it will be sunny and really hot.

    Maria: Yes, today the temperature is only 15 degrees and tomorrow it will be 27 degrees.example dialogue in bulgarian weather