• Bulgarian language course for beginners
  • 1 The Bulgarian alphabet - Cyrillic letters [0/2]
  • 2 The Bulgarian keyboard - how to type Cyrillic letters [0/2]
  • 3 Learn the Bulgarian pronunciation
  • 4 Greetings and how to say Hello in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 5 Say "Nice to meet you" in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 6 Learn the Bulgarian numbers [0/2]
  • 7 Telling the time in Bulgarian / reading the clock [0/2]
  • 8 Days of the week, seasons and months in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 9 Ask for directions in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 10 Weather and seasons in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 11 Learn to say I love you in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 12 Learn the colors in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 13 Expressing needs and opinions in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 14 Bulgarian food and drinks [0/2]
  • 15 Travel and transportation in Bulgarian [0/3]
  • 16 At the post office in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 17 At the doctors vocabulary in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 18 Personal description and emotions in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 19 Parts of the body in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 20 Household items in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 21 The family in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 22 The animals and the nature in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 23 Classroom vocabulary in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 24 Work related vocabulary in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 25 Countries and nationalities in Bulgarian [0/1]
  • Personal description and emotions in Bulgarian


    1. Fill in the missing words in the dialogue Score -/-
    2. Connect the words Score -/-

    Knowing how to describe people - their physical and emotional state will help you communicate easier.

    Personal description

     Bulgarian   English 
    Всички са изморени  Everybody is tired. 
    Мечката е силна  The bear is strong.
    дебел  fat
    котката е умна  The cat is smart.
    глупав  stupid
    Той е красив  He is beautiful.
    опасен  dangerous
    висок  tall
    грозен  ugly
    слаб  thin
    забавен  funny
    уморен  tired
    натурален  natural
    богат  rich
    Бъди спокоен  Keep still
    красив  handsome
    Тя е естествена  She is natural.
    силен  strong


    Emotions in Bulgarian

     Bulgarian   English 
    страх   fear
    тревожен  anxious
    развълнуван   excited
    свободномислещ   open minded 
    впечатлен  impressed
    дълбоко развълнуван   deeply moved 
    лош  bad
    благодарен   greatful
    щастлив  happy
    доволен  satisfied
    радостен  cheerful
    стресиран  stressed
    късмет  lucky
    щастлив  happy
    Радразнен съм  I am annoyed.
    Щастлив съм  I am happy.
    Луд съм  I am mad.
    Заинтересован съм  I am interested. 
    оптимистичен  optimistic
    лош  bad
    тъжен  sad


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    The clothes in Bulgarian

     Bulgarian   English 
    костюм  suit
    сутиен  bra
    блуза  blouse
    очила  glases
    риза  shirt
    панталони  trousers
    шапка  hat
    яке  jacket
    дънки  jeans
    рокля  dress
    дрехи  clothes
    палто  coat
    марка  brand
    мода  trend
    потник  top
    пола  skirt
    обувка  shoe
    чорапи  socks
    Къде си купи тази блуза?   Where did you buy the blouse? 
    Къде си купи потника?  Where did you buy the top?


    Example dialogue


    Мария: Днес си купих нова рокля и нови панталони!

    Иван: Много си красива, висока и слаба! Тези обувки нови ли са?

    Мария: Да, купих ги в мола. Много съм щастлива!

    Иван: Чудесно! Аз пък имам нов костюм. Имах късмет, защото беше намален. Но сега съм малко изморен.



    Maria: Today I bought a new dress and new jeans.

    Ivan: You are so beautiful, tall and thin. Are these shoes new?

    Maria: Yes, I bought them from the mall. I am very happy.

    Ivan: Great! I have a new suit. I was lucky, because it was on discount. But now I am a little tired.

    personal description in Bulgarian