• Bulgarian language course for beginners
  • 1 The Bulgarian alphabet - Cyrillic letters [0/2]
  • 2 The Bulgarian keyboard - how to type Cyrillic letters [0/2]
  • 3 Learn the Bulgarian pronunciation
  • 4 Greetings and how to say Hello in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 5 Say "Nice to meet you" in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 6 Learn the Bulgarian numbers [0/2]
  • 7 Telling the time in Bulgarian / reading the clock [0/2]
  • 8 Days of the week, seasons and months in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 9 Ask for directions in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 10 Weather and seasons in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 11 Learn to say I love you in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 12 Learn the colors in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 13 Expressing needs and opinions in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 14 Bulgarian food and drinks [0/2]
  • 15 Travel and transportation in Bulgarian [0/3]
  • 16 At the post office in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 17 At the doctors vocabulary in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 18 Personal description and emotions in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 19 Parts of the body in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 20 Household items in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 21 The family in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 22 The animals and the nature in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 23 Classroom vocabulary in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 24 Work related vocabulary in Bulgarian [0/2]
  • 25 Countries and nationalities in Bulgarian [0/1]
  • Days of the week, seasons and months in Bulgarian


    1. Choose the right option Score -/-
    2. Fill in the missing day,month or season Score -/-

    Days of the week

    Knowing the days of the week is necesary in every language. In this lesson you will learn how to read, write and pronounce them in Bulgarain.


    Bulgarian Transcription   English        
     понеделник  ponedelnik  Monday
     вторник   vtornik  Tuesday 
     сряда  sryada  Wednesday
     четвъртък  chetvartak  Thursday
     петък  petak  Friday
     събота  sabota   Saturday
     неделя  nedelya  Sunday


    enlightenedHere are some examples, so you can remember them easily

    Bulgarain  Transcription  English
     Петък, събота и неделя са ми любимите дни от седмицата. Petak, sabota i nedelya sa mi lyubimite dni ot sedmicata.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days of the  week.
     От понеделник до петък работя. Ot ponedelnik po petak rabotya.  From Monday to Friday I go to work.
     В неделя отиваме на плаж.  V nedelya otivame na plaj.  On Sunday we go to the beach.
     В сряда ходя на танци.  V sryada hodya na tanci.  On Wednesday I am going to dance classes.


    The months of the year in Bulgarian

    In the table you will read the names of the months in Bulgarian. In which month are you born? In which month are born your loved ones? Which is your favourite month?

    Bulgarian Transcription English       
     Януари  Yanuari  January
     Февруари  Fevruari  February
     Март  Mart  March
     Април   April   April
     Май  Mai  May
     Юни  Yuni  June
     Юли  Yuli  July
     Август  Avgust  August
     Септември  Septemvri  September
     Октомври  Oktomvri  October
     Ноември  Noemvri  November
     Декември  Dekemvri  December


    enlightenedRead the sentences to remember the months.

    Bulgarian Transription English
    Баща ми е роден през февруари.     Bashta mi e roden prez fevruari.  My father was born in February.
    Моят любим месец е юни.  Moyat lyubim mesec e yuni.  My favourite month is June.
    През декември празнуваме Нова година.             Prez dekemvri praznuvame Nova godina.  In December we celebrate New Year's Eve.


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    The seasons in Bulgarian

    Every season in Bulgaria has its own charm and beauty. In the summer you can enjoy our beautiful beaches. In the winter you can visit our best winter resorts and go skiing. In the autumn and the summer you can go hiking in our mountains. We have a really beautiful nature and you shouldn´t miss it!

    the seasons in Bulgarain


    enlightenedParctice and learn them with these sentences.

    Bulgarian Transcription English
     През лятото е много горещо!  Prez lyatoto e mnogo goreshto!                               During the summer it's really hot!
     През пролетта дърветата цъфтят.                            Prez proletta darvetata caftqt.  During the spring the trees blossom.
     През есента листата на дърветата падат.  Prez esenta listata na darvetata padat.  During the autumn the leaves of the trees fall down.
     През зимата има сняг.  Prez zimata ima snyag.  During the winter there is snow.