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  • Learn to say I love you in Bulgarian

    Bulgarian phrases to express love and care

    The Bulgarian language offers a great variety of phrases regarding the expression of love. Furthermore, Bulgarian men are famous for their innate "macho" approach and desire to show their love and appreciation for Bulgarian women. In every loving relationship there is a mixture of romantic gestures, care and beautiful love words. Read through the lesson and learn some of the most used ways to say "I love you" in Bulgarian.

    enlightenedenlightenedJust keep in mind that in the Bulgarian language there are different endings for male and female gender. For example: "You are cute" can be said: "Много си сладък" (for a man) and  "Много си сладка" (for a woman).


    i love you in bulgarian




     Харесвам те

     Haresvam te!

     I like you.

     И аз те харесвам!

     I az te haresvam!

     I like you too.

     Обичам те!

     Obicham te!

     I love you!

     И аз те обичам!

     I az te obicham!

     I love you too!

     Липсваш ми!

     Lipsvash mi!

     I miss you!

     Винаги си в мислите ми!

     Vinagi si v mislite mi!

     You are always in my thoughts!

     Много си сладък/ сладка!  Mnogo si sladuk/sladka!  You are very cute!
     Мога ли да те целуна?  Moga li da te tzeluna?  Can I kiss you?
     Съжалявам.  Sazhalyavam  I am sorry!
     Можеш ли да ми простиш?  Mozhesh li da mi prostish?  Can you forgive me?
     Да, прощавам ти!  Da, proshtavam ti!  I forgive you!
     Правиш ме толкова щастлив/а!  Pravish me tolkova shtastliva/a.  You make me so happy!
     Хайде да излезем заедно!  Haide da izlezem zaedno.  Lets go out together!


    Other useful Bulgarian phrases and expressions

    Here are some useful phrases, which you can use to express you thoughts, to ask questions and to find out more about your date or lover. Don't hesitate to ask them!

    Bulgarian  Transcription  English
     Свободен ли си утре вечер?  Svoboden li si utre vecher.  Are you free tomorrow night?
     Искам да те поканя на вечеря.  Iskam da te pokanya na vecherya  I want to invite you to dinner.
     Много си красива,мила.  Mnogo si krasiva, mila.  You are very beautiful, my dear.
     Имаш красиви очи.  Imash krasivi ochi.  You have beautiful eyes.
     Ще ми кажеш ли повече за себе си?  Shte mi kazhesh li poveche za sebe si?  Could you tell me more about you?
     Би ли ми дала номера си?  Bi li mi dala nomera si?  Would you give me your number?
     Имаш ли facebook?  Imash li facebook?  Do you have facebook?
     Пушиш ли?  Pushish li?  Do you smoke?
     Имаш ли хоби?  Imash li hobi?  Do you have a hobby?


    Example dialogue:


    - Иван: Вчеря бях на среща с Мария. Мисля че съм влюбен!

    - Петър: Не се изненадвам, те е много красива и сладка.

    - Иван: Така е! Искам да й кажа, че я обичам и ,че винаги е в мислите ми!

    - Петър: Много ли ти липсва сега?

    - Иван: Да, тя ме прави много щастлив!


    - Ivan: Yesterday I was on a date with Maria. I think I am in love!

    - Peter: I am not surprised, she is very beautiful and sweet.

    - Ivan: This is true! I want to tell her that I love her and that she is always in my thoughts!

    - Peter: Do you miss her a lot right now?

    - Ivan: Yes, she makes me very happy!How to say I love you in Bulgarian





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