Turkish TYS, UTS exam and test preparation

Do you want to pursue an official Turkish language certificate? Consider an online class with a personal teacher, it’s the optimal way for any level (A2-C2) to pass the TYS, UTS or TELC exam and obtain the certificate! You can even start with a free trial class!

The advantages of the Turkish exam preparation with coLanguage

As an European online language school we already have almost 10 years of experience in helping in preparing our students for various language tests. With our professional online teachers you can determine the time and place of your studying! Usually professional exam preparation can cost you up to 600 €. With coLanguage you get the optimal learning experience for a fraction of that price!

Prepare with great learning materials (TYS, UTS and TELC) and native Turkish teachers!

Our Turkish teachers are all natives and can therefore develop the perfect learning strategy for you to learn for the language proficiency test! He or she will provide you with online learning materials and will go through trial exams with you!

Free trial class possible!

You can easily see four yourself, if the online TYS/UTS/TELC preparation is right for you. Just contact one of our teachers and book a free trial class today!