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I speak: English, German, Spanish I teach: German

“Holla, die Waldfee!” Do you know this saying? Would you like to know what it means? I can help you with that! And with (almost) all other... questions about the German language as well, of course. My name is Manuela and I love languages and how different and yet similar cultures can be. That's why I studied Linguistics for Spanish and English and also took some courses in Intercultural Business Communication. At the moment I'm doing my Master's degree in “Germanistik im Kulturvergleich” (German Studies in Cultural Comparison) and I'm happy to share my knowledge with you! I offer lessons for beginners and advanced students. I have more than three years of experience teaching German - from teenagers to young adults to older learners. In 1:1 lessons I can focus on your specific topics: Do you just want to be able to have a little conversation? So we’ll practice dialogues and everyday situations. Do you have questions about grammar? So I'll help you understand the rules and exceptions. Do you want to surprise your friends and finally be able to pronounce the word "Eichhörnchen" correctly? So we'll work on your pronunciation. We’ll use different materials like videos, audios, books and whatever else is appropriate to cover your topics. And of course, we'll prepare together for exams you want to take. Even academic level language instruction doesn't have to be boring and dry! Do you want to make progress in the German language and have fun doing it? Feel free to contact me for a free trial lesson! You can reach me through this platform and I will give you an answer as soon as possible. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Availability:Monday (7-23h), Tuesday (7-23h), Wednesday (7-23h), Thursday (7-23h), Friday (7-23h), Saturday (7-23h), Sunday (7-23h). Timezone: Europe/Berlin (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
Manuela is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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