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I speak: English, French, Korean I teach: English, Korean

Hello! My passport name is In Ae, which is Korean and bizarre to many people, so you are welcome to call me Ellen. I am South Korean, but I... grew up in Kenya and currently I am a student at Caen in France. I’ve taught English to people from many different age groups with many different language objectives (as a tutor). The last two years were spent teaching English at an English kindergarten, a 학원 in Korea as a full-time teacher. I haven’t officially taught Korean before, but I’ve volunteered as a translator (both English-Korean, Korean-English), and I have taught in Korean during the Covid years where I spent in Korea. My teaching methods vary from group to group because they are dependent on a)the starting language level, b) the final goal (level of the language people want to achieve), and c) the objective for the lessons (for example a lesson for test preparation would be very different than a lesson for traveling). However, I do expect people to try and I expect the same effort that I would be putting into the lessons. My curriculum and learning materials also become more set after getting to know the language level and the objective. I don’t like having to waste money on precious resources that wouldn’t be used, and I have found that all people, no matter how similar learning styles they might have to someone else, are unique in the way they input information in their brains. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Availability:Monday (22-23h), Tuesday (22-23h), Wednesday (19-23h), Thursday (19-23h), Friday (19-23h), Saturday (7-23h), Sunday (7-11h), Sunday (15-23h). Timezone: Europe/Paris (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
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I speak: English, French, Greek I teach: Greek

Γεια σας! Μιλάτε ελληνικά; D'origine grecque, j'enseigne toutes les formes de la langue grecque. Une envie d'apprendre... le grec moderne afin de communiquer correctement pendant vos vacances ou même votre séjour de longue durée en Grèce ? Ce cours est pour vous! J'ai suivi la formation Diadromes (Center of Greek Language- Thessalonique) reconnue par le Ministère de l'Éducation de Grèce sur l'Enseignement du grec moderne en tant que langue étrangère. J'enseigne le grec moderne depuis 4 ans. Le grec moderne ne vous intéresse pas, mais vous avez besoin d'aide afin de mieux maîtriser la langue grecque ancienne? Je suis là pour vous! Diplômée de la licence d'histoire et d’archéologie de l’Université d’Athènes, j'ai une solide expérience en grec ancien acquise tout au long de mon parcours scolaire (6 ans) et universitaire (5 ans). Je suis pédagogue et à l'écoute de l'élève. Je cherche à m'adapter à ses besoins, tout en choisissant l'approche la plus adaptée. Enfin, je suis flexible sur les horaires.

Availability:Monday (10-13h), Monday (18-20h), Tuesday (10-11h), Tuesday (17-20h), Wednesday (10-13h), Wednesday (16-19h), Thursday (7-13h), Saturday (14-14h), Saturday (16-18h). Timezone: Europe/Berlin (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
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