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Get a language course adapted to you and your learning goals.

Real teacher

Meet your teacher in live classes and get a professional individual learning plan. Learn anytime, anywhere.

Self study lessons

Your teacher selects precisely the homework, theory, vocabulary and exercises which help you to achieve your learning goal.

Progress testing

Regular exams according to the CEFR (level A1 to C2). Get feedback from your teacher and keep your goal in sight!

Lesson evaluation

Evaluate your lessons and your teacher will continuously adapt your learning plan to your needs and desires.

Meet your native speaking teacher in live classes

Get feedback on your questions, discuss difficult issues and train your communication skills.

Combine your live classes with self study lessons

Your teacher will provide you with the learning materials based on your desired study intensity.

1Trial class
Monday 18/04/2016 (17.00 PM)
30 minutes
Live class
2Read chapter 3.5 in 'German A1 for Beginners'
Friday 22/04/2016 (16.00 PM)
60 minutes
Self study
3Youtube video about false friends
Monday 25/04/2016 (17.00 PM)
30 minutes
Self study
4Conjugation present tense
Friday 29/04/2016 (17.00 PM)
60 minutes
Live class
5Exercises in attached pdf: Conjugation of verbs
in present tense
Monday 02/05/2016 (17.00 PM)
60 minutes
Self study
6Youtube video about present tense
Friday 06/05/2016 (17.00 PM)
30 minutes
Self study
7Question words
Monday 09/05/2016 (17.00 PM)
60 minutes
Live class
8Conjugation of verbs in present tense (repetition)
Friday 13/05/2016 (19.00 PM)
60 minutes
Self study

Your benefits

Better results

Study more effectively with an individual structured learning plan based on your needs, current level and learning goals.

Less time

Spend your time more efficiently by studying at your own rhythm. Do not waste time with searching for your own course materials or going to a local school.

Less money

You only pay for the time that your teacher actually spends on you. Do not pay to do exercises during course hours or the time your teacher spends with other students.

Why a learning plan?

Define your learning goals

Set your learning goals and stay motivated. Having deadlines will help you actually achieve your goals.

Learn more efficiently

Improve the efficiency of your learning time by only learning what you need. Do not get lost and keep a history of what you have learned.

No more excuses!

Every language student starts motivated but most drop out after one month of language studying. Stay motivated this time! Track your learning progress and boost yourself to the next level.

Try before you buy

Sign up for free and test out learning plan without a teacher. Use our system to plan in your self study lessons and track your learning progress. Get a real teacher when you are ready to start learning like a pro.

Why a real teacher?

Get a professional learning plan

If you build a house, you need an architect. If you want a learning plan, you need a teacher. You can do it youself, but it will cost you a lot of time or you will compensate on quality. It is better to spend some money on a professional.

Stay motivated!

Learning with a real teacher has been proven to be the best way to keep motivated and to reach your learning goals.

Stop wasting your time

Your teacher has years of experience with course materials. Stop wasting your valuable time with searching and filtering badly written online materials.

Progress testing

Your teacher will regularly test your learning progress according to the official European CEFR levels (A1-C2). He will guide you to your end goal and will continuously improve your learning plan.

Talk, talk, talk

Communicate about the topics you love during live classes with your teacher! Sure, you can do that in a local school during a group class, you can go to a bar or join a tandem conversation. The big difference is: a teacher will correct you when you are wrong so you can actually learn from your conversations!

Convinced? Get a teacher now!

What our students say

We helped thousands of students to reach their learning goals. You are only one step away from reaching yours!

Alexej Skalicky
Bratislava, Slovakia

Brilliant and easy! I had a close follow-up of my teacher. I was able to influence my course thanks to the feedback system. I got my French DELF certificate and was hired in a bank in Paris.

Liz Vandervalle
Amsterdam, Netherlands

After trying to learn Italian with free apps, a learning plan with a real teacher finally helped me to stay disciplined.

Joah Jovello
Milan, Italy

My German teacher was able to help me to pass my exam to get a DSH certificate. It allowed me to enter the University of Munich.

How to start learning?

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Take your first live class

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  • Set your goals
  • Discuss your learning plan
  • Plan your appointments

Reach your learning goals

  • Meet your teacher on a regular basis during live classes
  • Get regular progress tests
  • Get feedback from your teacher
  • Your teacher adjusts your self study lessons based on your feedback and learning progress

Get a certificate

  • After 12 hours of live classes you receive a certificate of completion according to the official CEFR (level A1 to C2) standard
  • Use your certificate for visa, university entrance and employment purposes

Our language courses

coLanguage provides language courses with a variety of levels in compliance with the European standards for language learning (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). We train beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We have experience with both children and adult language learning. Choose for the only online language academy which specializes in specific learning plans and working vocabulary based on the needs of the student. Our (native) teachers have the expertise to help any student with every possible learning goal. Our expert courses help you to train specialized vocabulary and grammar for all levels. Possible topics are general language training, basic survival communication, negotiation and sales skills, business and professional communication, obtaining citizenship and much more... Sign up for free and tell us what you need!

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Quality guarantee

Language learning with coLanguage is a mix between online learning materials and personal tutoring with real native teachers from all over the world. In contrast to anonymous apps or other online learning platforms, coLanguage manually verifies the quality of every teacher. Besides of that, you have lifetime access to all learning materials that are used during lessons. These materials include pdf, video, mp3, pdf, text, interactive exercises and much more. They are developed by the best teachers from top universities in Europe and will help you to reach better spoken, written, comprehensive and listening language skills. With a reliable WebCam, microphone and internet connection, you are able to learn from any place in the world.