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Alcalá de Henares
Torrejón de Ardoz
I speak: Arabic, English, Spanish I teach: English, Spanish

Hi buddy! My name is Javier and I want to join you in your intrepid journey towards becoming an English language pro! I have received an... English-Spanish bilingual education throughout my entire life, being awarded a decent number of internationally recognised language certificates with excellent qualifications, lived and worked in English-speaking countries and, most importantly for you, gained experience in teaching English for two years now...and counting! My main motivation is to cater your needs as keen student and steer your learning experience towards attainable, concrete goals. Depending on your preferences, we will work together to dive into English in a gradual process, untapping its beauty and richness in fulfilling ways. Or perhaps, skipping the details and going straight to the point: to pass your exams with impeccable results and to acquire essential skills and techniques to advance your professional career. It is up to you! You will have to put the effort but learning is a social process. I always make sure that my lessons are interactive and dynamic. Fun and education are not incompatible, nothing further from reality! I know from experience that learning a language can sometimes be a painstaking process but trust me, it gets easier as you move ahead, and even easier when rightly accompanied. I take from reinforcement classes to students willing to qualify for English-language certificates and avid learners who want to start from scratch. I have mostly worked with young students ranging from 9 to 18 years old, although I have also taught adults in several occasions. My prior experience amounts for two years of private lessons without being hired by a company. Do not hesitate to get in contact if you feel you need to know more about my teaching. I will be happy to address all your concerns and clear your doubts. Let's get started!

Availability:Monday (7-8h), Monday (12-15h), Monday (19-23h), Tuesday (7-8h), Tuesday (13-23h), Wednesday (7-8h), Wednesday (12-15h), Wednesday (19-23h), Thursday (7-8h), Thursday (13-23h), Friday (7-8h), Friday (12-23h), Saturday (7-23h), Sunday (7-23h). Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
Javier is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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