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I speak: Danish, English, French, Swedish I teach: Danish

(I ONLY OFFER GROUP CLASSES ON HERE :) ) Hello, my name is Rebecca Rygaard. Recently graduated as a teacher of Danish and English for the... primary and lower secondary schools in Denmark, according to the Bachelor's Degree Program in Education, from University College Copenhagen. I am born and raised in Denmark, and am a native speaker of Danish. In my teaching I use a communicative approach, focused on having us communicate with each other and produce language to learn it. We will learn both from "input" (what we hear, read) and "output" (what we say, write). This communicative approach will be focused on "real life" and authentic situations - that means that I'll actually base the teaching on my students lives. I.e. we could be talking about what has brought you to want to learn Danish. There will be authentic language only in this class - not language about hypothetical situations, that you might not ever need. As part of this method, we'll be using task-based learning - you'll often learn the language through "tasks" in my class, with the point that you'll have to use communication, in cooperation with your peers (or me) to solve them. It's a lot of fun, I guarantee. You will also be learning about the Danish culture, as I believe culture and language go together, and one cannot be understood without the other (I very much look forward to introducing you to Danish customs, traditions and food). I'll be focused on your progress, rather your 'errors', as I don't believe in teaching a language by focusing on student's "mistakes", but on their potential. There is an "interlanguage" that is the language that emerge in between your original language, and the language you're trying to learn. And it is only normal that this language is a bit of a mix, that is ever-evolving. With me, you'll also have the important advantage that I am both a teacher of English and Danish, and therefore know how the languages correlate. I've learned about all of these aspects "the communicative approach", "task-based learning", "cultural studies" and "interlanguage" and a "functional view on language learning", as a part of my education, and I know they are all a part of recent research in the field. I have prepared a lesson plan for beginners - which can both be used for group- and single lessons. But I can also create a specifically crafted lesson plan just for you and your needs/level, or if you already know Danish, but just want to improve it. I hope we meet, and look forward to helping you learn some Danish :) Rebecca

Availability:Monday (8-20h), Tuesday (8-16h), Tuesday (19-20h), Wednesday (8-17h), Thursday (8-20h), Friday (8-16h), Friday (19-20h), Saturday (9-20h). Timezone: Europe/Berlin (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
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