Are you looking for private Spanish lessons? Learning with an online teacher on Skype is cheaper than learning in a local language school.

Private lessons on Skype, how does that work?

Meet your teacher on Skype, like you would do sitting at a table next to each other. You can learn from any place, whenever you want. Don't waste your time traveling to a local language school. Just contact one of our online Spanish teachers and schedule a free trial class. 

Are the private teachers professionals?

All our teachers are screened in a personal interview and have a teaching certificate. Most of our teachers have years of experience in teaching languages online!

Learn with Spanish or Latin American native speakers

Learning with native speakers helps you to learn Spanish with the correct pronunciation.

Why are we so cheap?

We are an online language school. Therefore, we do not have to maintain buildings and classrooms. Our teachers work from home.

Start with a free trial class

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