Are you interested in learning Russian, but are still unsure what the best way to learn it is? How about private lessons with a native teacher from the comfort of your home? Sounds good? We can provide you with that very easily through our online courses! Just pick a teacher and begin with a free trial class!

How to learn Russian as a beginner?

To become fluent in any language you should not only learn the grammar and vocabulary, but also try applying it in real conversations. Of course this works the best if you have a personal partner who can give you constant feedback and correct your mistakes in a constructive way. Our online teachers will devote their time solely to you so they can guide you step for step to the next level!

Custom-made Russian lessons for you!

These courses consist only of private lessons. This means that you will not experience standardized classes with a pre-designed learning plan, like with most of the traditional language schools. Your teacher will discuss with you topics and create a new learning path specifically for you and, if necessary, adapt it according to your progress!

Free learning materials for beginners A1 included!

While having your course you will receive different types of learning materials for practicing at home and discussing with your teacher. This way you can apply your new skills in a practical manner and be sure you’re making progress!

Start with a free trial class on Skype!

Pick a teacher and meet up with him in a free trial class to be sure the course is perfect for you!