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Are you looking for Romanian online lessons? You can try Romanian lessons online anywhere you are and at any time it is convenient for you. Our private Romanian teachers are experts in lessons for beginner (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2) students. Get in touch with a Romanian teacher directly!

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German, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian lessons

I speak: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish
I teach: French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian, Swedish

Interested in learning something useful and fun? Let's do it together!I'm an enthusiastic learner and teacher, always in search of... challenges and intellectual adventures! I recently finished a PhD in Nordic cultural studies, spent a lot of time abroad and foreign languages are something I'm particularly keen on. I believe that not only are they entertaining and fascinating, but they also open portals into the marvelous world of cultural diversity.In my classes I focus mainly on the communicative aspects of the language, in daily practical contexts, but grammar is also a must. We'll deal with both understanding and producing, according to your needs and rhythm, but always in a pleasant and relaxed manner. I'll also provide learning materials.Looking forward to meeting you! :)

Great choice! Students book in average more than 10 lessons!
Very experienced teacher!
16.10€ / h
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Romanian for all levels and purposes

I speak: English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish
I teach: Romanian

Hi! If you want to learn Romanian in an easy, fun and efficient way, you’ve done the first step.I simply love teaching Romanian and... I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for languages with you. I have experience in learning foreign languages, so I understand the challenge.I’ve started teaching Romanian as a foreign language in 2010 and my teaching approach is really friendly and focused on all your needs. 

15.00€ / h
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German/Romanian/English Teacher

I speak: German, English, Romanian, Spanish
I teach: German, English, Romanian

Hi, I'm Nicole, I'm a TEFL certified English teacher with more then 10 years of experience. After I finished University I... started teaching  in Asia and then Europe, so I'm happy to say that I have a multicultural experience, which was also very challenging for me. I worked in Private schools and as a Tutor, using Oxford and Cambridge materials and anything else that would help my students improve their English. I try to focus on communication, but I never leave out grammar and pronunciation skills. I'm pretty much student orientated, I try to be flexible and not aproche just one type of teaching, because, thanksfully, people are not all the same!So, if you are looking for a teacher/ someone that can relate to your needs, then I'm the person for you!Hope to hear from you soon!Bye, Nicole

Nicoleta is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
20.70€ / h
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Response time: less than a few hours

Polyglot & language enthusiast

I speak: Chinese, Simplified, French, Hindi, English, Italian, Portuguese, International, Romanian, Spanish, German
I teach: French, English, Romanian

With 18 years of teaching experience, I offer you customised tools to attain success in your learning journey. I'm very fond of foreign... languages and I'd like to share the joy of learning with you. Romanian is my native tongue, I'm near native in English and fluent in French. I also speak the main Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Italian). Therefore I can use any of these languages to help you master Romanian. My teaching methods are adapted to each student. There are many learning styles and I believe teaching methods need to be adjusted to you, my student. That is why the virtual learning environment in our case will provide optimal conditions for you to absorb as much as possible during our class. First, let me know why you want to learn Romanian. Do you need it for your job, for school or is it a newly discovered hobby? No matter the reason, I promise you one thing: with me as your teacher, learning will be fun and you will master Romanian sooner than you've ever imagined. I look forward to working with you.

Ileana is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
25.00€ / h
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Response time: 43.17 minutes

Spanish private lessons

I speak: English, Romanian, Spanish
I teach: Romanian, Spanish

Hi there! My name is Patricia and I am originally from Romania, but I have been living in Spain for many years, so all my experience as a... foreigner to teach Spanish helps me to help you. I am studying Performing Arts at the School of Arts in Madrid, and I am also giving a workshop on the preparation and creation of the character. I have studied journalism, but also philology and linguistics.The atmosphere of my lessons is relaxed, comfortable and professional. You will do at least 70% of the conversation, which will help you gain confidence and practice Spanish in public without fear.Most classes will include:- Small talk: a social conversation about, for example, your recent weekend activities;- Review of our previous session, if applicable;- Pronunciation exercises: reading aloud from a short text;- Main activity: we will use a text, video or audio sample as a vehicle to learn the new and reinforce the old;- Closing: review today's lesson and plan for next session.At our first lesson we will find out a little about each other. We will talk about your needs and interests, reading and writing skills, and speaking and listening proficiency. I will ask you to estimate your level of proficiency and what level you want to achieve in the next 3 months.I take notes during class so you can relax and focus on speaking! These are not just quick notes, but I offer all my students a PDF document at the end of every 5 sessions, which includes errors and corrections, vocabulary and pronunciation notes for the classes.I hope I’ve shared enough information to help you decide if we might be a good match. If you have any questions before you make your decision, please send me a message.

Patricia is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
17.00€ / h
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Romanian and French teacher

I speak: English, French, Romanian
I teach: French, Romanian

Hello, I'am an experienced teacher for all levels and ages.I have a Master in linguistique and I was a Romanian teacher for expats at... the University.With 12 years experience in business and diplomatic environnement I tailor my materials according to my students' needs.  

Aline is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
25.00€ / h
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I speak: English, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Ukrainian
I teach: Romanian

Mihai is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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