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How to learn Portuguese online (A1 beginner ...)?

Of course the best way to learn Portuguese is constant practice, and communication is the key to this! With a native teacher from coLanguage you have a professional partner who will give you constant feedback and guide you step-by-step to the next level. Soon you’ll be able to properly apply the grammar in real-life conversations!

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Our courses are all private lesson, which means the teacher can devote his time entirely to you and create a learning path specifically for your needs! Your teacher will keep an eye on your progress and can, if necessary, adapt the course so you learn exactly what you need to learn!

Free online Portuguese beginner's learning material included!

To a perfect learning experience you also need tasks and exercises to fulfil. Your teacher will provide you with those and incorporate them perfectly in the course structure. Don’t worry, your teacher will always be there for you, in case you need help!

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