Are you looking for an online Bulgarian course which you can follow whenever and wherever you are? You can try it out today with a free trial class and become fluent in no time!

How is our online Bulgarian course structured?

The Bulgarian course is divided in two main segments:

  • Online learning materials
  • Skype sessions

Our learning material can be accessed for free. It can be used as a foundation for the Skype lessons to build on. In our Skype classes you can put everything that you learned into practice, and learn from your mistakes!

What aspects can you learn from our online Bulgarian course?

Some aspects that we focus on during the language course are:

Are our online Bulgarian teachers of high quality?

We are screening our teachers for multiple aspects. Among other things, we look at their communicative skills, educational background and teaching experience. This way we are making sure that you will attend classes from quality teachers, what will give you a comfortable learning experience.

What do you need to participate in online Skype lessons?

All you need for our online classes is a Skype account and a working microphone and camera!

Try a free trial class today!

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