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Are you looking for Lithuanian lessons in Skype? Learn easy and fast with a private Lithuanian teacher online. Lithuanian classes and lessons for all levels A1-C2 are available. Exercise your listening, speaking, reading or grammar skills in a convenient for you time and place. Find your Lithuanian tutor now!

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Lithuanian private lessons for begginers

I speak: English, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish
I teach: Lithuanian

    Lithuanian language is one of the Baltic countries languages. Some people are travelling to Lithuania, some of them are... working or studying over there. So it's really good to know how to say very simple words, as hello, how are you, good mornng, thank you, you're welcome, where, how and etc. It's necessary because the main language is Lithuanian in that country     I am lithuanian and was learning other languages. So I can understand you very well, how do you feel in foreign country without language. You want to say something, ask or express yourself, but you can't. I would like to teach you. I like helping people and I have almost 10 years experience in teaching with different age people from different countries and culturies. I think so, that we will spent very good time. Don't worry about nothing. The best thing is your desire. We have don't forget just be patiece. When we are sowing, we think about future, because in few months we can see results of our work. That helps us work little by little.    I would like to offer you lessons for beggners. In these lessons you will learn how to pronounce words, how to read. Also you will learn basic words and phrases and how to talk with another person in dialogue.

5.75€ / h
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