Do you want to learn Serbian online with Skype lessons? No need to look any further, because coLanguage is the solution for you! We offer Skype lessons which you can follow whenever and wherever you are! Our native teachers are eager to help you. You can schedule a free trial class by contacting one of our teachers below.

How to learn Serbian online with Skype lessons

Our native teachers can help you to speak Serbian fluently! The first step is to schedule a free trial class with one of our teachers who can be found below. The only things you need for a Skype class are a Skype account and a working microphone and webcam. You can save a lot of time and money by learning languages at coLanguage, you are not dependent on local language schools and you can select a teacher on qualities and not on distance from your house.

Professional online Serbian teachers

Of course, they are! We screen all of our teachers in a personal interview to check that they have sufficient communication skills, educational background and teaching experience. We want to make sure that your learning experience is as comfortable as possible!

Free online Serbian learning material included!

You can use our free online learning material, which includes grammar and vocabulary exercises. When you want more you can always request more material by asking one of our teachers!

Start with a free Skype class!

Directly contact a teacher below and start with a free Skype class!