If you’re interested in learning Russian with an online class via Skype, coLanguage is the right platform for you! A private Russian teacher will help you master the language, you can even start with a free trial lesson!

How do Russian lessons via Skype work?

It’s really easy! Like with any other language course you meet up with your teacher and begin with your one-on-one lesson. The only difference is, that instead of meeting in a classroom you meet via Skype. This way you can save a lot of time and money by just learning from the comfort of your home! You can still share documents and the teacher can devote more time to you and create a course specifically for you!

How can your prices be so much lower than other Russian language schools?

Other than your traditional language schools, we are not bound by the supply of locally available teachers – we have teachers from all over the world! You can just directly contact one of them and get a immediate interaction with him, all that without any commission fees!

What kind of Russian teachers are leading the course? Are they professionals?

We make sure that every teacher at coLanguage is a professional. In a personal interview we proof their degrees and their experience in teaching Russian. 

Start with a free trial class on Skype!

Contact a teacher and see how easy learning Russian can be with a free trial class!