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Do you want to learn Polish online with Skype lessons? coLanguage offers you native teachers with years of experience who are eager to help you! You can follow our Skype lessons whenever and wherever you are!

Polish Skype lessons with native teachers

Participating in our Skype lessons is really simple. You only need to have a Skype account and a working microphone and camera! You can save a lot of time and money by not having to travel all the way to your local language school. The biggest advantage of our Skype lessons is that you can follow them whenever and wherever you want!

High quality, low prices!

Since coLanguage is an online language school we do not have to maintain classrooms or buildings. Our worldwide supply of teachers compete with each other to offer the best prices to you, you can contact them directly without having to pay high commission fees! Select your teacher and schedule a trial class whenever you want!

Professional and helpful online native Polish teachers

All our teachers are screened before they are allowed to teach. This way we make sure they possess the communicative skills to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible! For our teachers it is also necessary to have sufficient teaching experience. Most of our teachers have years of experience!

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Bulgarian and Russian new method

I speak: Bulgarian, Czech, English, Greek, Polish, Russian
I teach: Bulgarian, English, Polish, Russian

Online lessons on Bulgarian and Russian. Start to speak from the very first lesson and enjoy the progress with every lesson

10.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: less than 2 days

English for Life private lessons

I speak: English, Polish
I teach: English, Polish

Halina's Conversational EnglishDuring the lessons, I will be telling and demonstrating what you should do to make fast advancement and... realize your dream of speaking English fluently.I will use the best methods and new techniques so that to ensure you are making incredible development.What’s more, I’ll share with you the best learning resources to make it easier for you to improve your English communication skills.My course Halina’s Conversational English is created for everyone who wants to feel comfortable expressing himself in the language.Additionally, there is one big advantage to choosing my course. All classes are recorded and can be watched at any time (even after the course has finished). So, there is nothing to worry about missing class. To make things even better, participants can also download all lessons, chat boxes, and collaborate with each other in the courseware or on Google Drive and obviously with me. This is why I warmly invite you to join my English course.Being a non- native speaker gives me a firm understanding of all learners needs.

30.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: less than a few hours

Polish for beginners

I speak: English
I teach: Polish, Russian

Polish language for beginners with a professional language teacher.The methodology is based mostly on communicative language learning, is... task-oriented and covers all four skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening, with a strong emphasis on speaking and writing. The language is dealt with in social situations and student are encouraged to participate as much as possible.

Kuba is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
15.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: no messages yet

Greek, Polish and Italian lessons on all levels

I speak: English, Greek, Italian, Polish
I teach: Greek, Polish

Everyone who wants to start to learn any of these three languages is welcome.Polish is my mother tongue. I live in Greece for two years now... and my greek is fluent and very natural. I have Master's degree in italian and I'm very passionate about italian literature.I provide students with all kind of materials.Please contact me if you're interested.

Antek is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
10.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
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Polish online private lessons

I speak: English, Polish, Russian, Spanish
I teach: Polish

I am a teacher of Polish as a foreign language. I graduated from English Philology. Currently, I am a student of the last year of master's... studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language.I had an internship at a language school and also worked at a language school in an international environment as an office worker, as well as conducting workshops for foreign students from the Polish language.I have been giving private lessons for 5 years. I help in preparing for exams, conversations, mastering difficult material.I offer my own teaching materials adapted to the student's individual needs.I currently work as a Polish language teacher at the University of Oslo. I run classes for students of all levels (A1-C2). I am currently a Polish language teacher at the University of Oslo. I teach classes in groups at various levels of language proficiency (A1-C2).I conducted classes in groups in which students were preparing for the exam certified from Polish as a foreign language.Preparing and conducting group classes in Polish as a foreign language at various levels of language proficiency at intensive courses.I use materials for learning Polish, which I prepare based on Polish Language Teaching Programs as a Foreign Language (prepared by the Jagiellonian University).In the lessons I choose the right materials to the level of language proficiency of my students. I prepare materials according to my own inspirations, as well as on the basis of well-known textbooks for learning Polish.

Mateusz is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
18.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
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English and Polish teacher

I speak: English, Polish
I teach: English, Polish

Hi, my name’s Aleksandra. I am an English teacher from Poland with university education in Applied linguistics, currently living in the... UK.In 2014 I moved to the UK, where I’ve been studying MSc in International Tax and Finance and working as a private English tutor.Living in the United Kingdom gave me a better understanding of British culture and made me become passionate about the English language even more.From my experience, learning a new language might be challenging or even daunting at times, but with practice, you can really quickly achieve your goal and become a fluent English or Polish speaker.My aim is:- to provide you with well-structured and productive lessons that will help you to increase your knowledge and fluency in English/Polish!- to help you communicate using a real everyday English/Polish-to share my best tips for learning English/Polish-provide you with a great deal of learning material!I offer a range of courses. These include:basic to advanced grammar course, to improve your general language performanceconversation/al course, to overcome your fears and communicate freelyPhonetics course, to master your British English/ Polish pronunciation!And finally, exam preparation course (Matura, FCE, IELTS etc.)Our lessons can be also a combination of the above! It is all up to you!I hope to meet you very soon!Bye!

Aleksandra is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
20.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
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I speak: French, English, Italian, Polish, Spanish
I teach: French, English, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Sebastiano is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
10.00€ / h
No free trial lesson!
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