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Find a native Norwegian teacher! Take one on one private Norwegian lessons with live classes in Skype whenever and wherever you want. Our teachers offer online courses for beginners (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2) level. Take 1 on 1 Norwegian lesson to train your communication skills, improve your grammar, take a Business Norwegian course or prepare yourself to pass an official exam (Norsk Språktest, Norskprøve for voksne innvandrere, ...). 

Irina M. was approved in a personal interview
48 lesson(s)
Irina M. was approved in a personal interview
Country: RO
I speak:
English, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish
I teach: Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian Romanian, Swedish Swedish


Interested in learning something useful and fun? Let's do it together! I'm an enthusiastic learner and teacher, always in search of challenges and intellectual adventures! I recently finish...Read More

10.00 €
  • Billströmska Folkhögskola [2016]
  • Vuxenskola Uppsala [2015]
  • and 6 more
Carina D. was approved in a personal interview
22 lesson(s)
Carina D. was approved in a personal interview
Country: BE
I speak:
English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål
I teach: Finnish Finnish, French French, Dutch Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål
12.00 €
  • University Oslo [1993-1996]
  • Freelance
9 lesson(s)
Country: RS
I speak:
English, Hungarian, Norwegian Bokmål, Russian, Serbo-Croatian
I teach: Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål

Norwegian private lessons

I am experienced Norwegian language teacher with the focus not on grammar but on practical use of this language. My strongest qualities is my experience, capability of being able to focus very deeply...Read More

9.00 €
  • University of Nordland [1992-1997]
  • University of Nordland [1993 - 1994]
  • and 1 more
9 lesson(s)
Country: DK
I speak:
Bulgarian, English, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål
I teach: Bulgarian Bulgarian, English English, Italian Italian, Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål
12.00 €
  • Sofia University [2010-2012]
  • Amercian University in Bulgaria [1996-2000]
  • and 1 more
  • South-West University
Country: NO
I speak:
English, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål
I teach: English English, Greek Greek, Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Bokmål

Where language literacy meets cultural education & art therapy!

My name is Christos Zervas but my friends call me Kristian. So do you! I am 31 years old. I am coming from Greece. However, the last 5 years, I mainly live in Norway.

What I always wanted, wa...Read More

17.00 €
  • University of Athens [2003-2005]
  • University of Crete (including Erasmus semester) [2005-2011]
  • and 1 more