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Learning a language does not have a fixed time span. The fastest way to learn is to learn Hungarian online with Skype lessons, since the teachers who guide you are natives and they will spot all your mistakes and know the perfect way to prevent them from happening again!

How can you learn Hungarian online with Skype lessons?

It’s really easy! You can start off with contacting one of our teachers below. The only things that you need is a Skype account and a working microphone and camera. Once you have contacted a online teacher you can start off right away with your free trial class! In your trial class you will most probably get to know the teacher and make a learning plan for the upcoming period. The learning plan will be specifically made for your goals!

How do we keep our prices low?

Because we are an online language school we do not have to maintain buildings or classrooms. We don't charge any high commission fees either, you can contact your teacher directly without the intervention of coLanguage. 

Professional online native Hungarian Skype teachers

We make sure that every teacher is screened, which serves multiple purposes. We check our teachers for communicative skills, educational background and teaching experience. coLanguage wants to make sure that your learning experience is as comfortable as possible!

Start with a free Hungarian Skype class!

You can contact one of our native teachers below to schedule a free trial class!

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Classes in German, Spanisch, Hungarian and Englisch

I speak: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian
I teach: German, English, Spanish, Hungarian

Hey,My name is Nikolett, I'm a 26 year old native Hungarian currently living in Budapest, in Hungary. I love foreign languages and getting... to know new people and new cultures. I speak several languages fluently: English, German and my favorite one is Spanish. I used to live and work in Valencia, in Spain. I use all of these languages on a daily bases.Qualifications & ExperienceAfter attending a German-Hungarian bilingual school I went on studying languages at the university and obtained a BA degree from English and American Studies. After that I went on studying Interpreting and Translation in English, German, Hungarian and Spanish. I had the opportunity to spend one semester at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany. In 2014 I started to teach languages in person and online. Currently I am also working as a Senior Account Manager and Logistics Coordinator at a multinational company where I'm responsible for German, Austrian and and Spanish markets.About my classes:For me it is important to discuss the individual needs and expectations at the very beginning. Based on this, I can compile the learning material and provide an individualized service for each and every student. From personal experience I know that being familiar with the grammatical rules is not enough to be able to communicate fluently in a foreign language. Many times the students know the grammar but they have fears and they feel anxious when it comes to speaking and interacting with foreigners. Therefore in my classes I like to put focus on the improvement of the speaking and communications skills. We'll handle from everyday topics to more complex situations where you can learn how to react in a natural way and to become an active communication partner.I hope to see you soon! :)Cheers,Nikolett

15.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: less than a few hours

Flexibility in teaching Englisch, German and Hungarian

I speak: English, German, Hungarian
I teach: English, German, Hungarian

I teach English, German and Hungarian as a foreign language. My mother tongue is Hungarian. I have been teaching and translating from English... and German to Hungarian and vice versa for several years.

Reka is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
19.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: less than a few hours

Private classes with a professional tutor

I speak: English, Bulgarian, French, Hungarian
I teach: English, Bulgarian, French, Hungarian

Message me! I would love to help you learn this language in an easy and fun way. I am a Certified tutor and Master of Arts in Languages... with 30+ years of experience in teaching and learning foreign languages and I cannot wait to get to know you. Why would you like to speak languages? Message me and let's get started! 

26.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: less than a few hours

German or Hungarian lessons :)

I speak: English, German, Hungarian
I teach: German, Hungarian

Hello everyone! :)My name is Pálma and  I'am a Hungarian native speaker and live in Austria. I have been teaching German and... Hungarian for 13 Years all levels and age groups.I love teaching languages and hope to share my knowledge with many students all around the world. My teaching approach is communicative, caring and learner-centered. I am a very patient and encouraging teacher and I believe that positive learning experiences can make a big difference to someone's life. My goal is to improve your German/Hungarian speaking confidence and helping you learn new words and improve your grammar. Each class is designed to your personal needs.If you want to learn a new language, refresh your German / Hungarian knowledge, if you need private lessons in German or Hungarian, you are welcome to contact me.:) 

16.00€ / h
Free trial lesson!
Response time: less than a few hours