Learning a language does not have a fixed time span. The fastest way to learn is to learn Hungarian online with Skype lessons, since the teachers who guide you are natives and they will spot all your mistakes and know the perfect way to prevent them from happening again!

How can you learn Hungarian online with Skype lessons?

It’s really easy! You can start off with contacting one of our teachers below. The only things that you need is a Skype account and a working microphone and camera. Once you have contacted a online teacher you can start off right away with your free trial class! In your trial class you will most probably get to know the teacher and make a learning plan for the upcoming period. The learning plan will be specifically made for your goals!

How do we keep our prices low?

Because we are an online language school we do not have to maintain buildings or classrooms. We don't charge any high commission fees either, you can contact your teacher directly without the intervention of coLanguage. 

Professional online native Hungarian Skype teachers

We make sure that every teacher is screened, which serves multiple purposes. We check our teachers for communicative skills, educational background and teaching experience. coLanguage wants to make sure that your learning experience is as comfortable as possible!

Start with a free Hungarian Skype class!

You can contact one of our native teachers below to schedule a free trial class!