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Online lessons for beginners A1 with a real teacher on Skype

Learning grammar and vocabulary always benefits you! But if you want to be able to use German in a practical setting there is no better way than real communication. With regular Skype online lessons, you can learn to have real German conversations and improve your skills in an efficient and direct way!

The best way to learn online (for beginners!)

Your teacher will test your skills, give you feedback on what you need to improve and design a learning path specifically for you. Your teacher will guide you through lessons with a clear structure and defined goals - a course tailor-made for you!

Conversation is a must to become fluent

Choose your favorite online German teacher from our wide offer. We recommend you to pick a teacher who also speaks your language - what better way is there to learn a new language?

Free learning materials, grammar exercises and homework included

We also provide you with free learning materials to get a proper start to learn German online! With these, you can expand your vocabulary and learn more about the German grammar - each course complete with audio examples and exercises to prove your skills. Just sign up and start learning for free!

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