Are you looking for private Italian lessons? Do you want to save costs or simply cannot find a teacher near you? Consider a private online lesson via Skype!

How does a private online lesson work?

Like any other course, you meet up with your teacher and start your lesson. Except for talking in person, you talk through your Webcam. So you don't need to go somewhere to meet your teacher - meet him wherever you want! Still unsure? Just contact a teacher of your choice and start with a free trial lesson!

Are the teacher's professionals?

To guarantee you the best quality we screen all of our teachers with a personal interview. All our teachers have teaching certificates, furthermore, we prove them on their teaching skills and make sure they have experience.

Learn with an Italian native!

The best way to perfect your pronunciation is to learn directly from a native. We offer you Italian native teachers that can help you learn the right way of speaking - don't worry, they all speak English as well!

How can we be so cheap?

Since we are an online language school we are not dependent on local teachers or building costs. This enables us to offer you the best possible price on the market. Choose your teachers based on quality and your preferences, instead of local distance!

Start with a free trial class!

If you are still unsure of what to expect, you can start with a free trial class to make sure the course is just right for you. Start without any risk!