How to learn French?

You want to learn French but you cannot find the time for a course when it fits you? You prefer a course in a comfortable setting that lets you focus solely on your studying? No problem at all! Schedule a Skype lesson whenever it suits you and practice comfortably from home!

Communication is the key!

If you want to become a master of the French language, you need to practice speaking it. With regular Skype lessons, you will be guided step by step to ensure you effective progress! Find a native teacher and start getting comfortable speaking French. Learn to apply grammar in real-life conversations and prepare to talk to other people. 

Make sure you're making progress

Our teachers will begin the Skype courses with a conversation to determine the best way for you to learn. The teacher will then design a learning path specifically for you and guide you through it step by step, constantly giving you feedback.

Experience a course that doesn't drag, nor rush!

Free learning materials included

You can also check out our free learning materials to learn the basics in French. Whether you want to expand your vocabulary or learn more about the French grammar - with these courses you can learn it, complete with audio examples and exercises for each topic. Just sign up and start for free!

Free trial lessons!

In order to get the teacher that is just right for you, the course will start with a free trial lesson for you and your teacher to get to know each other.

Start now, find your personal Skype teacher and soon you'll be speaking French!