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I speak: English, Swedish I teach: Swedish

Hello! My name is Nora and I am born and raised in Sweden and have lived most of my life within Sweden. I love cats and my interests are... reading books, swimming and travelling. I have a bachelor in social work and have worked in both Swedish and English speaking environments. For instance as a school counselor in an English speaking high school and as an English teacher in Cape Town in South Africa for kids. I am studying Spanish myself at the moment and I know how hard it can be in the beginning with a new language. I also know how much fun it can be when you start to actually be able to communicate in your new language. I believe every new language you learn is going to expand your way of thinking and make you grow! I can offer both teaching for absolute beginners in Swedish, but also if you want to develop the language skills you already have. I offer a free trial lesson. If you want to know more about me or the learning process, feel free to contact me! Have a nice day! /Nora

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I speak: English, Swedish I teach: English, Swedish

I make learning fun, easy and individual. The way you'll learn from me will be somewhat untraditional and you will discover not only how good... you actually are, but also how fast you are able to learn when you make that decision. I sincerely believe in making things fun and playful rather that difficult and tedious. Either you choose Swedish or English I'll ensure you - you will enjoy the process. My native language is Swedish, I was adopted to Sweden as an infant and have since spoken Swedish, learned, lived and breathed the culture. I also spent 10 years of my life in California, US so my accent is American and my English is well advanced. I taught public speaking in US California, students age 5- 16 , and I taught English in Sweden to students age 16-19. If you want a fun, easy and playful way to learn you should contact me. :) Jasmine

Jasmine is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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I speak: English, Spanish, Swedish I teach: Spanish, Swedish

I am Swedish born, well adopted by Swedish parents at very young age :) I am a Swedish teacher with ten years of experience. I have experience... teaching both beginners and advanced students of all ages from 10 years upwards ... I have mainly done my education in Sweden. Bachelor of Science and began law studies at University of Lund while giving private lessons in language and classical guitar. I have all the necessary teaching material for all levels including conversation level in order to immerse ourselves in the Swedish culture. The lessons are given in English online via Skype. I also give private lessons at my home (Madrid) or at the home of the student (Madrid), also to groups and companies.

Richard is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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I speak: English, French, Swedish I teach: English, French, Swedish

I was myself en ESL student when I arrived in Salt Lake City UT in 2001. I did not understand one sentence in english back then. Thanks to a... great teacher I had and her great teaching methods I am now fluent in all aspects of the English language. I am ready to share that experience with people wishing to learn english and guarantee you will come out of these classes ready to take on any challenges in your Professional and personal life. Waiting for you and welcome on board for a great learning experience. Coming from a French speaking country I am a native french speaker but more important are the technics used to make this learning experience a memorable event for you. I went through an intense seven months course before obtaining a B2 certificate in the Swedish language and working for a swedish call center for 2 years. I spoke swedish more than 8 hours per day for two years and have acquired strong skills in the Swedish language.

Cheikh Gallo is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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I speak: English, German, Hungarian, Russian I teach: Swedish

I have been working as a Swedish as second language teacher in different schools in Sweden and I have a teaching degree in it. Recently I... acquired a teaching degree for students with special needs too. I speak English, German, Hungarian and a little Russian too. My customers have been grown ups , young immigrant and teachers working in Sweden. I am patient, know a lot of online language learning devices and can explain grammar effectively.

Erika is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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I speak: English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish I teach: English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Hi everyone! Hola a todos! Hej allihopa! Привет всем! My classes focus on developing communication skills in English, Spanish,... Swedish or Russian for travelers or immigrants/expats. You are going to be able to use the language from the first class. In our first class we get to know each other as a learner and as a teacher. It's very important for you to share your expectations about how you see our language classes and what language outcomes you are looking to achieve. After that I will give you my suggestions that will help you to accomplish your learning goals according to your specific needs and situation as no learner is the same. I work with all levels of English and Russian, beginner-intermediate Spanish and beginner Swedish. As an experienced expat who has lived and worked in USA, Sweden, Russia, China and Spain, I am a strong believer that language is a vehicle for communication, and just like driving any vehicle is a SKILL that has to be learned by "using" that vehicle, the same goes for language learning: merely studying about the language has never helped anyone to actually speak that language. The more you USE the language, the more things you do in it, the more you will get used to it, and that language will become less foreign to you. I am convinced that the way you think about that foreign language you are learning conditions your progress in it. Attitude is everything, so start from it. If you need help with setting a right attitude and mindset towards language learning, I will be more than happy to help. Or drop me a message for a chat to practice speaking English, Russian, Spanish or Swedish in a friendly nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Svetlana is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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I speak: I teach: English, Lithuanian, Swedish

Indrė is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
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