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I speak: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish I teach: German, Norwegian Bokmål, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish

Interested in learning something useful and fun? Let's do it together! I'm an enthusiastic learner and teacher, always in search of... challenges and intellectual adventures! I recently finished a PhD in Nordic cultural studies, spent a lot of time abroad and foreign languages are something I'm particularly keen on. I believe that not only are they entertaining and fascinating, but they also open portals into the marvelous world of cultural diversity. In my classes I focus mainly on the communicative aspects of the language, in daily practical contexts, but grammar is also a must. We'll deal with both understanding and producing, according to your needs and rhythm, but always in a pleasant and relaxed manner. I'll also provide learning materials. Looking forward to meeting you! :)

Availability: Monday (14-16h), Thursday (14-15h). Timezone: Europe/Bucharest (GMT+3) See in your timezone.
Great choice! Students book in average more than 10 lessons!
Very experienced teacher!
20.00€ / h
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Response time: longer than 2 days
I speak: English, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, International I teach: Norwegian Bokmål

My availability changes all the time! Contact me for bookings! I cannot keep the calendar up to date, so I have chosen to not add any... availability! I was born in Norway in 1958. Since 1999, I have been living in Madeira, Portugal.My interests are many; music, photography, art, animals, nature, gardening, healthy food, teaching…. Qualifications & Experience My academic background is in music and pedagogy from the Norwegian State Academy of Music, with some extra from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, and Norway Inland University of Applied Sciences. I have many years of experience as a musician, teaching music and musical instruments. Teaching language is closely related to teaching music. I am teaching Norwegian as a Foreign Language online at Folkeuniversitetet Øst, Myngel and LTC language solutions, and have been teaching at  Lingu Norge and Learnship as well. I have also been teaching at Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) for a couple of years before I was Lead Instructor – Recruitment and Training at BVC. I love to teach my language! That’s why you can find me here as Norwegian Online Teacher! Teaching approach Maybe you do not speak one word of Norwegian. Maybe you just want to practice speaking, or need grammar corrections. Lessons are customized to fit the student’s need, with the reason why they want to learn Norwegian in mind: For work, daily life etc. My teaching approach is “learning by speaking”. Speaking rather than cramming grammar and vocabulary from a book. We may also need material to work with. Depending on student’s need, this material could be the same as what is being used for immigrants to Norway. Lessons Please have a USB headset with a microphone – or ear pods w/microphone!It gives the best audio experience during the Skype sessions, and it separates the speaker from the microphone. It is important that I can hear your pronunciation clearly. The first time we meet, I will find out on which level your Norwegian is.We will talk about your reasons for learning the language, your learning preferences, the approach to take, and which material to use if any. Before the first lesson, and regardless of which level you are on, I do not expect anything more than a new student eager to learn my language!  

Availability: . Timezone: Europe/Lisbon (GMT+1) See in your timezone.
38.00€ / h
No free trial lesson! Group lessons!
Response time: less than a few hours
I speak: English, French, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål, Swedish I teach: English, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål

Hej, hej! My name is Kristian, I am Greek/Norwegian and what I always wanted was to express myself and to communicate. Living on a transit... between Greece and Norway, made me soon realize that languages can be the best way to make new friends. Since then, I have traveled a lot, while living in Belgium, Poland, Romania and (of course) the UK. The key to master a foreign language is oral communication. No matter how much you're gonna read 'n' write, your gainz will be eventually lost, if you don't actively use that language. Have you ever noticed what happens, when you try to speak in the other person's language? And have you ever noticed what happens, when you try to sing-along another language?? I have studied Applied Social Sciences and Physical Education on a Bachelor Level, as well as Special Needs Education and Mass Communication Management on a Master's Level. Most lately, I live in Gothenburg (Sweden), where I'm a member of the local's University Executive Research Group in European Studies. Learning a language might seem tricky. All you need, though, is a little bit of accountability and a little bit of creativity. For more information, contact me... ;) Enjoy your day, Kristian

Availability: Monday (9-14h), Tuesday (9-14h), Wednesday (9-14h), Thursday (14-19h), Friday (14-19h), Saturday (9-19h). Timezone: Europe/Stockholm (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
23.00€ / h
Free trial lesson! Group lessons!
Response time: less than 2 days

I speak: Bulgarian, English, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål I teach: Bulgarian, English, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål
Availability: Monday (7-23h), Tuesday (7-23h), Wednesday (7-23h), Thursday (7-23h), Friday (7-23h), Saturday (7-23h), Sunday (7-23h). Timezone: Europe/Copenhagen (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
13.80€ / h
Free trial lesson! Group lessons!
Response time: longer than 2 days

I speak: Bulgarian, English, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Russian I teach: Bulgarian, Norwegian Bokmål
Availability: Monday (10-19h), Tuesday (10-19h), Wednesday (10-19h), Thursday (10-19h), Friday (10-19h), Saturday (10-12h). Timezone: Europe/Paris (GMT+2) See in your timezone.
Dorina is a new teacher and motivated to teach you!
15.00€ / h
Free trial lesson! Group lessons!
Response time: longer than 2 days