Looking for a Dutch tutor or Dutch tutoring? On coLanguage you find professional Dutch tutors for all levels

Online Dutch tutoring via Skype, what is that??

You take lessons with a private Dutch tutor or teacher like you would do at home or at a specific location. The only difference is that you meet online on Skype. The biggest advantage is that you have a lot more teachers to choose from, and you are not bound to any location. You also save a lot of time and money while avoiding the need to travel.

Why are our prices so low?

You can contact our teachers directly. We do not take big commissions like local language schools and agencies.

Are our Dutch tutors professionals?

Our teachers are screened on teaching experience and education background. Furthermore, we also do interpersonal tests with every teacher.

Free trial session possible!

Do you still have doubts? Just book a free trial session with one of our teachers to convince yourself!

What our students say

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