Dutch for beginners

Looking for online Dutch lessons for beginners? Take lessons on Skype with a private tutor or teacher!

How to learn Dutch?

Conversation and practise with a real teacher are essential in learning the Dutch language. We advise you to not only study with apps or learning materials but to practice with a real teacher. Feedback and guidance are key to your learning journey. We recommend a minimum of 1 or 2 lessons per month with a real teacher in combination with self-study and conversation groups.

Individual learning plan

Your teacher will guide you on the topics you need to learn. You will get an individual plan tailored to your capacities, level and learning progress. This way, you learn much more efficient in comparison with standardized Dutch group courses or other Dutch for beginners learning methods. 

Progress tracking

Your Dutch teacher will take intermediate level tests and change your learning plan based on your learning difficulties.

Dutch learning materials for beginners are included

We provide you with free learning materials that contain exercises and audio examples.

High quality private Dutch teachers!

All our Dutch teachers are screened during an interview. In this interview, we verify the grades and teaching backgrounds of all our tutors. Quality guaranteed!

Free trial class

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