Are you looking for an Croatian tutor to practice with? Do you want to speak Croatian fluently? Then you can learn Croatian online with one of our professional teachers! Whatever your level in Croatian is - at coLanguage you find the right tutor!

How does this Croatian tutoring work?

Our lessons take place through Skype, this allows you to follow the classes wherever and whenever you want! The Croatian tutor can provide you with homework and help you with the online learning material.

How do we offer quality Croatian tutors?

We screen our teachers for multiple reasons. Before they are allowed to teach we make sure they possess communicative skills to make the learning process as comfortable as possible. They are also being checked for their educational background. Most of our teachers have years of experience in teaching languages to beginners.

How can we be so cheap?

coLanguage does not have to take care of buildings or classrooms, which saves quite some costs. And by limiting the commission and administrations fees as well we can offer you the best quality lessons for the best prices!

If you are still unsure you can schedule a free trial class!

You can have a look at our teachers below and book a free trial class.