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Are you looking for Croatian lessons online? You can learn Croatian quick and online anytime and anywhere you want. Our online teachers provide Croatian lesson in Skype through video chat. Classes and lessons for all levels A1-C2 are available. Contact your private Croatian tutor directly!

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English, Italian, Croatian lessons

I speak: Croatian, English, Italian
I teach: Croatian, English, Italian

I would like to outline my extensive experience, qualifications, and expertise in teaching English, Italian and Croatian (native). I believe I... possess the skills, qualifications and vital experience necessary for the role, but also the passion and dedication to lead students to succeed.I have over 10 years’ experience as an English teacher (including 2 years teaching in China in private training centers and a couple of months of online teaching), working with children aged 3 - 18 in schools and in a kindergarten. I taught also adults and offered private English lessons, too. In addition, I have a degree in English and Italian language and literature and am fluent in both as well as a native Croatian speaker. My previous work involved me traveling internationally, where I worked as an interpreter - in this role I worked under pressure and had to adapt to the culture of the country and I feel confident that I could apply that to this job. In my previous teaching roles, I took a resourceful and creative approach to teaching, organising competitions, field trips, and other activities in the aim of making learning a fun experience, and I believe that this approach was successful in seeing students achieving high results.I am extremely dedicated and reliable, with a strong passion for language. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills making me a great team-player with the ability to motivate my students.

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Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/English lessons

I speak: Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Serbo-Croatian
I teach: Bosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian

Dear visitor,Thank you for visiting my profile. I offer to teach and give lessons in Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian/English language. I mostly focuse... on ex-Yugoslavia languages since it's my mother tongue.How does it work?First we have one free lesson where I present You learning plan and program. I get to meet You and your needs and You get to meet me and my ways of teaching. This first lesson is a good way to get to know eachother and to familiarize with current language knowledge and future plans. You tell me what is Your sphere of interest (communication, dialects, grammar, basics etc.) and we agree on future schedule.I am flexible on time and date and I can offer positive and progressive lessons depending on Your needs.Thanks for visiting. Hvala na posjeti :)

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Croatian and English lessons

I speak: Croatian, English, French
I teach: Croatian, English

Hello everyone! My name is Maja and I am from Croatia, currently a master student in English and French translation in Zadar, one of the... beauties of Adriatic sea. I have experience in English and Croatian teaching to people of different age, interests and language competence needs.Language learning is an opportunity to see the world in different perspective, but also, it is an exchange of traditional, cultural and social experiences that enriches you in many ways.We can create a pace and style of learning depending on your needs and goals. I hope we can learn together!

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English private lessons

I speak: Bosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian
I teach: Bosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian

Hello, my name is Snezana. I am an English Language Professor. I finished my English studies two years ago and I have been teaching ever since.... I started working in school upon finishing my studies and as of September I will be employed in one more school. In these schools I teach mostly children and my desire to work on myself and to give more to students motivated me to start working as a freelancer, so in my free time I give business English lessons to adults. I am currently giving lessons to two businessmen and two soldiers who need to pass their ALCPT test. Now, I want to try something new so I decided to pursue my online career.

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Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin classes

I speak: Bosnian, Croatian, English, Russian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian
I teach: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian

Hi! I am helping you to learn Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin via Skype. Usually, it takes 7-8 lessons to be able to... express yourself and understand slow speech. I learned the Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian as a foreigner, so I don't have the perfect accent, but I do know how to start speaking fast. So if you need to start speaking as soon as possible, just book a trial lesson!I have 4 amazing years of online teaching experience. I am helping to find the shortcuts in learning and try to start speaking from the first lesson. Hope to see you soon in my classes!

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French lessons for every generation / Croatian lessons

I speak: Croatian, English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian
I teach: Croatian, English, French

Bonjour! My name is Iva, I'm 24-year-old language student (French language and literature and Ukranian language and literature). My... native language is Croatian. I have been studying French and English since i was 6, and I also speak Spanish. My lessons are combined with grammar, music, interesting fun facts and word games. I would like to show you the best of French and improve your language skills as I create the lessons by each person's wishes and capacity. I am patient, ambitious, passionate about learning new things. In my free time I volunteer in organizing sport events so I can help you with that vocabulary too. I look forward to your message and hope we can improve your French together.

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Croatian, English & Russian conversation lessons

I speak: Croatian, Dutch, English, Russian
I teach: Croatian, English, Russian

Hello everbody,I am an experienced and  teaching-passionate language professional offering tailor-made Croatian (all levels),  English... (Elementary, Beginner's, Intermediate & Upper-intermediate level) and Russian (Elementary & Intermediate level) Conversation lessons.During the lessons we are focusing on further develpment of student's communication skills but we are also exploring vocabulary, grammar and culture.  The lessons are based on student's preferances/needs with a variety of interesting topics and different teaching materials used.  I tend to apply mostly visual aids as, according to my experience, that helps students to memorize the new words and structures. We read and discuss various texts, analyze grammatical issues, listen to conversations and songs, play games and quizzes and more than anything, we TALK!  That makes conversation lessons always interesting, useful and likeable. As an open and friendly person with an international family and experience of life in other countries, I enjoy meeting people of other cultures.  I would be happy to get a chance to help people all over the world to learn the languages I teach. Perhaps you as well? Welcome!   Dobro došli!   Добро пожаловать!   Welkom! 

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Croatian Conversation classes from an experienced teacher and native Serbo-Croatian speaker

I speak: English, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish
I teach: Croatian

Hello dear students :)It's Sanja here offerning all you lovely people Croatian conversation classes. I'm an experienced teacher working... in Spain and a native Croatian / Serbo-Croatian speaker. My expertise are conversational/communicative classes and pronunciation for all levels of Croatian language. I have been teaching adult conversation classes both in Serbo-Croatian and English for 4 years, thus I would love to help You on Your exciting journey of learning and communicating in a new language! :) Hope to hear from You soon! Sanja A.

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English and Serbo-Croatian lessons for kids and intermediate learners

I speak: Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Serbian, Slovenian
I teach: Croatian, English, Serbian

Hi!I am currently enrolled in the master programme (English studies) at one among the top ranked universities in Europe and broader. I have... obtained my BA and teaching degree at the University of Montenegro. During the first four years of my studies, I have done exchange programmes at the Universities of Klagenfurt (Austria), Maribor (Slovenia), and Graz (Austria), where I had the opportunity to work with people from all around the word.I already have experience teaching online, and I am thankful for it since I got a chance to meet many people and learn about their cultures. I'm a very out-going person, and I like to share my experiences as well as listen to the stories of others.My teaching methods vary according to the learner's levels. I'm trying to make the acquisition as natural as possible, by focusing on speaking skills with the combination of materials (news, articles, literature, etc.). I am particulary interested in English Linguistics (e.g. Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Psycholinguistics, etc.) and Second Language Acquisition Research (the acquisition of one's second language). Moreover, I have an interest in a wide array of topics and activities, from which I would single out my passion for travelling.I am comfortable working with both beginners and intermediate learners.As for the first class, I'm offering a 25-minute trial lesson. See you in class! :)

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Croatian, English and Finnish private lessons

I speak: Croatian, English, Finnish, Serbo-Croatian
I teach: Croatian, Finnish, Serbo-Croatian

I am offering you classes of Croatian, Finnish and English language. I have experience as a private tutor and I have... been teaching for 8 years. Also, I worked as translator for one year and as an English tutor for two companies from Taiwan and China. I finished language courses of English and Finnish language, also studied philology at Belgrade university. My native language is Croatian or Serb-Croatian language.My English classes are for beginners, children and intermediate students. Finnish classes are only for children and beginners. My Croatian language classes are for everyone A1-C2. We can learn from books and translate texts from the internet. We can practice grammar, listening, reading and translation. Also, I am offering everyday consultations, I will send you exercices and then I will check your answers.During the first lesson, I will send you some useful links that will help you learning new language. Also, between classes, students can translate lyrics of the songs and they will learn language faster with much more fun. Every text or lyric that i send, I will check and correct your translation if it is necessary.See you soon!

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