Are you interested in learning Croatian online? Learning with a professional teacher is a must to be able to speak a language fluently. Making mistakes and learning from them is the most important stage when you want to learn a language, especially for beginners!

Having conversations is the key to learning Croatian for beginners

Communication is crucial if you want to learn a new language. Learning the grammar with apps or blog websites is good, but to become a real fluent speaker that just isn't enough. With our courses you will start with small conversations according to your proficiency level - your teacher will give you feedback constantly, correcting your mistakes and guiding you further.

Learning plan made for you personally!

Our teachers will start of the learning process with making a learning plan made specifically for you! All you goals will be taken into account, which is the biggest difference from an ordinary language course.

Free online vocabulary and grammar exercises for beginners (A1, A2)

coLanguage will provide you with free online learning material, for example the Croatian grammar or Croatian language for beginners exercises. If you need some extra assistance you can always rely on our teachers! They will supply you with extra material if needed.

Schedule a free Croatian trial lesson!

If you are still doubting about starting a language course at coLanguage, you can try a free trial class now! You can contact one of our teachers to schedule one.