Do you want to learn Bulgarian online, but can't find an affordable online teacher? At coLanguage you can attend online classes with native teachers to start learning Bulgarian!

How can you learn Bulgarian online as a beginner?

Communication is the key to learning a new language, because you need to learn from your mistakes! Our native teachers can give you personal feedback in online Skype lessons. If you persist you will soon be able to apply all the learned knowledge and speak Bulgarian!

How do these beginner lessons work?

All you need for our Skype lessons are a Skype account and a working camera and microphone! When you start your first class you will make a personalized learning plan together with your teacher. All your goals will be taken into account, this way you only learn what you want to learn. With our online classes you can learn whenever and wherever you want!

Free online Bulgarian learning material for beginners!

We provide you with free vocabulary and grammar exercises so you can start learning Bulgarian for beginners! You can always ask for extra material from one of our native teachers.

You can try a free trial class!

In the case that you are still unsure you can try out a free trial class today. Just have a look at our teachers below and contact them!