Are you trying to prepare for the Bulgarian ECL exam? Then you can practice with one of our private teachers on Skype! Our native teachers can help you with preparing test exams and guide you with the learning material. When you want you can request for some of the material made by the teachers. On top of that, you can have conversations which will speeden up the process of learning a language! Our teachers provide guidance for every level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). You can try a free trial class if you contact one of our teachers below.

Why is coLanguage the best way to prepare for the Bulgarian ECL exam?

coLanguage is a European online language school which has almost 10 years of experience with helping students prepare for national language tests. Our teachers have years of teaching experience as well, and they will do their best to develop the best strategy with you!

What are the advantages of attending Skype lessons?

With our online Skype lessons you can learn whenever and wherever you want. Due to coLanguage being online we can offer you the best quality for a low price! You can contact one of our native teachers below and try a free trial class if you are still unsure.

Prepare yourself with our tests, learning material and personal feedback

Our teachers will provide you tests to prepare for the exam, and you can make use of our free learning material as well! In combination with the personal feedback you will get the best possible results on the Bulgarian ECL exam!

Are our ECL teachers certified?

Our teachers are being screened for multiple aspects before they are allowed to teach. Among other things, they are being checked for communicative skills, educational background and teaching experience. By screening our teachers we make sure that you will have a comfortable learning experience with coLanguage!

Start with a free trial class

Contact one of our teachers below and request a free trial class!