Are you looking to improve your Bulgarian skills in conversation and pronunciation? The best way to learn a language is by practicing it in conversations with a professional! coLanguage offers native teachers who are eager to help you to speak Bulgarian fluently!

Bulgarian conversation classes with native speakers

By booking Bulgarian conversation classes with coLanguage you have all the attention from a native Bulgarian teacher. This will be useful because you will get personal feedback which will help you to learn from you mistakes. On top of that, you can tell the teacher what you want to learn as well!

Train your Bulgarian conversation and get feedback

When you are booking Bulgarian conversation classes from coLanguage you can learn about any topic you like. The teacher will spend the whole lesson on your needs, while giving you feedback constantly. Some examples of topics in the conversation classes could be:

  • Communication training
  • Practicing the pronunciation
  • Applying the grammar in real-life situations

What do you need to participate in the online classes?

All the conversation classes are being held through Skype. This gives you the ability to follow classes wherever and whenever you want! Furthermore, you can choose from a wide selection of teachers all over the world to follow classes.

Try a free trial class today!

If you are still not sure you can try out a free trial class! Just contact one of our teachers below and contact them to schedule a lesson.